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Johnson pre Vampower head

When is a vamp a vamp but not a vamp? When its a Johnson! This is the amp that Dave Roffey built for Jeff Johnson at Triumph. Dave took its design to S. E Ents and it became a Vamp. Jeff Johnson promptly sacked him when he found out Dave was also working for Vampower. It is slightly smaller than a vamp head, but still shares much of the Vamp‘s features. It’s so close to a Mk1a Vampower head it’s not funny. Point to point wiring and Partridge transformers. Even has a “bite” control. Still - this gives no right to a few music shops who pass it off as a vamp head. So gang - this amp predates Vamp / Vampower.

Jennings also used Dave Roffey’s design and there’s a few Jennings / Vamp type heads floating around.


Interesting to note when vamps stopped using point to point wiring and began using printed circuit boards they out-sourced them from Triumph. Note the T from a Mk2 vampower amp circuit board below. I guess Dave Roffey & Jeff Johnson patched things up further down the track!


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