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The “T.REX?” MK1 A

Mk1 head with early generation Vampower logo. Very simple with no lines or border. Silver knobs have a black front. These were used only in a handful of vamps.


The Vampower complete stack. I‘d heard about this mythological stack for years. Now let’s be honest here - every vamp owner wishes that he or she owns a long lost Vampower of Marc Bolan’s T.Rex. An understandable fantasy considering how few of these beasties were made. I also know that all T.Rex touring amps were stamped T.REX in white letters. This amp’s previous owner was Boz Boorer - guitarist for Morrisey and Bolan’s former band, John’s Children. Boz had tracked the amp down in Portsmouth to a local band who had told him it had been given to them by Marc’s former sound guy Mick O’Halloran (who actually lives in the area). I’ve tried to mail Mick to confirm this - but no luck. In fact - Mick if you ever read this - please contact me! Boz has also tried - so, this amp remains a mystery. After another owner, it found its way to me. What I can tell you is that it is the only complete original MK1A Vampower stack I have ever seen. All 8 Celestions have matching pre Rola codes. The amp’s black / silver knobs, 3 x original logos and Partridge trannys mean it is from the first generation of Vamps ever built. Every part on this Vampower is original and it’s very lucky to have survived intact for so long. Date code on back says 12/70 - just round the time Ride a White Swan was becoming a hit. Are these speaker cabs the actual stack used on the cover of Electric Warrior? ... Now I’m even going to touch that one!



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